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HEB Store has made a site called www.heb.com/survey where you can easily give comments. You must also shop at HEB store often, like I do. Now here’s a chance for you guys to win special gifts.

Take H-E-B Survey


Take H-E-B Survey

Yeah, a great chance to win 60 prizes worth $500 each every month and 20 prizes worth $1,000 every three months. All you have to do is go to www.heb.com/survey and fill out the HEB Store Survey.

Fill out the H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey to let them know what you think about their goods and services. You might be able to win these prizes at the end of the www.heb.com poll.

Every business wants to do its best work so that its customers are as happy as possible. But it can only go right if there is the smallest amount of communication between the company doing the work and the customer.

Companies used to do polls to get closer to their customers and improve how they talk to each other. So they can get the best feedback possible and get better.

Customers can also get discounts or other prizes from companies if they fill out the survey. They are, after all, making them better.

In the same way, H.E.B. has a poll that, when filled out, gives you the chance to win a $100 gift card.

Take H-E-B Survey


Take H-E-B Survey

About the HEB Company

The HEB grocery company is an American grocery store group with its main office in San Antonio, Texas. The business opened for business in 1905. The business now has more than 340 locations in Texas and Mexico.

“Here Everything’s Better” is what HEB stands for. HEB is the biggest private company in the United States. There are a lot of different types of goods that H-E-B supermarkets sell, such as frozen foods, bakery goods, deli foods, meat, fish, snacks, and more.

Take H-E-B Survey

Rules & Requirements of HEB Survey

Here is a list of the rules and standards for the www.heb.com/survey survey:

  • People who want to take part must legally live in the United States of America.
  • The person taking part must be at least 18 years old.
  • To take the poll, you need a stable internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet, such as a smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, tablet, etc.
  • A valid receipt from a HEB shop must be shown.
  • You can take the survey in either English or Spanish, so you need to know at least one of those languages.
  • You will have to give the HEB some general information about yourself.
  • You cannot take this survey if you work at the HEB store or are connected to someone who does. This includes vendors, clients, partners, and so on.
  • No matter what kind of poll is illegal in your state, you can’t take part.
  • After you fill out the poll, you won’t get any money.
  • The $100 HEB gift card can’t be turned in for cash.
  • Your $100 HEB gift card can’t be given to anyone else, not even your family.
  • Other people are not allowed to take the poll on your receipt.

Take H-E-B Survey


Take H-E-B Survey

Survey Participation Instructions

Online Method

It’s important to make sure that before you start the H-E-B customer satisfaction survey that you are giving your honest, unbiased opinion without any bias against the company or its workers.

  1. Please go to the survey page by clicking on the button above from your computer, laptop, or phone.
  2. You can see the directions and all the other information you need on the H-E-B survey’s welcome screen.
  3. Before you start, you can pick whether you want to take the H-E-B poll in English or Spanish.
  4. To take the poll, get the order receipt and enter the Certificate Code that is written on it.
  5. Check off all the boxes on the H-E-B poll and give them your personal information.
  6. Make sure you fill out every field on the H-E-B poll so that you have a better chance of winning.
  7. You will be asked at the end of the survey if you want to enter the H-E-B customer happiness survey sweepstakes for a chance to WIN a $100 gift card.

Take H-E-B Survey

Telephone Method

You can also call in and fill out the poll. You only need to call the number on the request and listen to the recorded messages.


Take H-E-B Survey

Mail-in Method

You don’t have to buy anything to join the sweepstakes by mail. Along with your first and last name, home phone number, full address, and email address, write “Please enroll me as a participant in the Lottery’s Customer Satisfaction Survey HEB for a chance to win great prizes” by hand on a piece of paper and send it to their postal address.

HEB Customer Satisfaction Mail-In Sweepstakes Entry


511 Avenue of the Americas, # 40

New York, NY 10011

Contact Us

  • H-E-B Customer Service Number:  1‑800‑432‑3113 
  • Address:23500 Circle Oak Pkwy, Richmond, TX 77469. HEB.com. 
  • Email:support@inmoment.com 
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The company that owns HEB is one of the biggest grocery store chains in the US. If you shop at their stores, you should fill out their poll and let them know what you think. They will give you something in return.

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